Jidon Jeong


Is a taste for the archive a trend? Arlette Farge says that the archival document is like "a tear in the fabric of time". She says "The archive was not compiled with an eye toward history. It describes, in everyday language, the derisory and the tragic in the same tone…." The key to the idea of the archive is indifference. The archive is a pile of documents that have been mechanically recorded and stored by necessity through processes like archival endowments. On the other hand, fictions are stories; stories need to be heard by people. Even when there is no one around, fictions are stories that are being told to themselves. The mergence between archive and fiction is a practice that explores a tear in the history around the myth of authorship and the act of referencing, which also activates a transistor that uses both the circuits of the indifference to the body of knowledge and the desire to be heard.
- Jidon Jeong


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